Nike Running Shoes- Grey/Blue/Black

Nike is known for the shoes that are made to help you get through the longest days and the longest runs. And these running shoes are made just for that.


These running shoes will help you to meet all your demands with the utmost comfort and style.

This shoe provides it all. Nike is a well-renowned company that has been giving satisfactory products to all the customers for a very long time.

This shoe has a beautiful, vibrant color that enhances the look. Be it a long-running day, a day for a harsh workout, or just a long day at work- these shoes will provide you with comfort as they are flexible, durable, and long-lasting.

Along with that, these shoes have used mesh which makes it breathable for your feet. It is easy to maintain them as well.

Author’s recommendation- It is recommended to buy this product since it is branded and easy to maintain. Along with that it even has some great customer reviews.

Though, it is recommended to know where the shoes will be used. The color is light; therefore it has a higher risk of getting dirty. And thus, maintaining it and cleaning it with a cloth will be a regular job.

Additional information


Rubber sole


Lace-up type

Shoe Width


Material Used








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