Skechers Running Shoes- Women- Black/Blue

Skechers have been providing the world with a great variety of sports and running shoes. They cover a wide range of occasions to give the most suitable shoe required by the customers.


Skechers’ shoes have been in the market for long, and this brand has convinced a large part of the audience to buy sports shoes and other shoes for a long period of time.

The supreme technology, the variety that is found, the legacy of providing the best products, and coming up with new innovations regularly is what Skechers stands for.

This product is highly flexible along with having breathable material as well. The cushion gives comfort and support and is extremely lightweight as well.

The memory foam in these running shoes is super soft and gives certain luxury to your feet. The advanced engineered mesh construction from Skechers has made it possible.

It increases flexibility and enhances durability as well.

Author’s Recommendation- I suggest that this shoe is very good to be purchased and will give your shoe closet a new look. Though it can be a little out of the budget, it totally worth the price.

According to a customer review who was a physiologist, this shoe leads to the proper distribution of the body weight and can be worn for long hours. It is comfortable and looks stylish as well, making it a catch to buying.

Additional information


Rubber sole

Closure Type


Shoe width

Medium style

Material Used



Sport shoes

Heel type




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