Ab roller wheel

The benefits are too great to ignore. Ab Roller Wheel Rollouts provide a better ab workout than traditional flexion exercises, creating stronger and more defined abs—if improving your looks is a goal. Also, strong abs protect your spine and prevent energy leaks, which sap power and strength from your sports skills


Ab roller wheel

The ab roller wheel—you’ve seen it featured in infomercials and there’s probably one lying around in the corner of your gym. Some of you may think it’s a gimmick or even dangerous, but when used correctly it’s one of the best tools to strengthen your core.

Ab roller Wheel Rollouts—the primary exercise performed with an ab wheel—are a form of anti-extension core training. As you roll forward, your abs work overtime to keep your back from arching into extension.

5 Amazing Ab Roller wheel Benefits

Okay, let’s jump into the exercise wheel benefits and get a feel if you should bother using it or not:

  • Works a Large Number of Muscles At Once

Ab wheel exercises effectively strengthen a large number of muscles.

Traditional exercises, such as crunches, work only a limited number of muscles. Each repetition of the rollout exercise works nearly 20 muscles!!!

Even though primarily considered for ab exercises, exercise wheel workouts involve your hip flexors, obliques and several other muscles throughout your entire body.

  • More Challenging Than Traditional Ab Crunches & Co

If you find exercise wheel exercises difficult when compared to ab crunches, rest assured that your mind isn’t playing any tricks on you…

According to a study conducted by San Diego State University, an ab wheel exercise produces way more muscle activity in your abs and obliques than traditional crunches…

As a larger quantity of muscles is being targeted during ab rolling, the ab wheel exercises logically will also be a lot more challenging than your traditional crunches.

  • Multi-Health Positive Effects

Strength training workouts involving the exercise wheel improve your overall health and fitness in many ways:

Performing exercise wheel exercises will:

  • increase your overall stamina,
  • prevent your body from diseases,
  • help you shed some extra kilos,
  • strengthen your muscles to greatly reduce the chances of injury,
  • and strengthen your core to improve your body balance.

Strong Core = Good Bye Back Pains

Not only will you gain hot six-packs with the help of an exercise wheel, but you will also be able to reduce the risk of pesky back pains.

Believe it or not, having a strong core will not only better your posture but will also help you with having a trouble-free back.

And you know what?

A better posture is the key to confidence…

Brings Variety To The Daily Routine

If you’re bored by the same workout routine, adding the exercise wheel can immensely benefit your arsenal and open doors to a large number of exercises which will benefit your body in the best of ways.


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