55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

37,990.00 37,000.00

  • Brand Name: TCL
  • Item Weight: 38.2 pounds
  • Item Model Number: 55R617
  • Batteries: 2AAA batteries required (Included)
  • Product Dimensions: TV dimensions without stand –48.5″ W x 28.1″ H x 2.9″                                                                                                       TV dimensions with stand – 48.5” W x 30.6” H x 10.7”
  •  Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Stars
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Connections: While TCL Roku Tvs cannot be connected through Bluetooth, it can be connected through external devices such as HDMI, ARC, an audio 3.5mm Jack or a digital optical audio out.,
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa Special Feature : Contrast Control Zone (CCZ), a powerful performance package now available. Contrast Control Zone allows the LED TV to have the best and brightest of all colors on the display at the same time, producing the blackest blacks and the whitest whites. 









TCL’s 6 series is a combination of an award winning Roku TV Smart in bold, brushed with a metal design for a superior television experience along with a fabulous 4K HDR picture performance.  A pallet full of colours long with contrast and greater brightness is delivered by Dolby Vision. Minimum bandwidth requirements to stream 4K content vary by providers, for example Vudu states minimum is 11Mbps, whereas Netflix and Youtube requires a recommended minimum speed of 25Mbps. Without COmplicated menus of flipping through inputs on other devices, Blue Ray player, gaming console, seamless access to your Campbell box is provided by Powerful picture performance, implementation by Ruko OS. An advanced remote makes it easy to find, movie titles switch inputs just by the control of your voice and even change or launch channels.

 A customer recently reviewed the product “ I’m seriously impressed with this TV. I was excited for the 6-Series and ordered it as soon as it became available, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. First, its design is ridiculous. Brushed metal, very masculine. Even the power button has this cool blue glow.I got rid of cable long ago, so having one of TCL’s Roku TVs makes everything really convenient. All my apps are easily within reach and the simple remote even has voice control. This is a very smart TV indeed that makes it quick to access anything I want, even different inputs, with just my voice. Of course the best thing about this TV is how it performs! It supports both Dolby Vision and generic HDR movies and TV shows and it looks amazing. Color and contrast is stunning. Can’t wait to test it out in depth with my Xbox One X.

I can say with certainty that this TCL lives up to the hype”


Why to Buy?

With  55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV you can experience crisp images and clear sound quality on it’s HD LED Screen, packed with an array of innovative features, this 55 Inch smart TV comes with a powerful platform to offer an impressive audiovisual experience. You can bowse popular apps on Google Play Store for movies, music and sports. Voice search is also available where you can search for different apps and videos just by pressing the search option and with the control of your own voice. Google Game is also one of its many features, with Google Play Game you can not only play your favorite games on TV but also continue playing them on your phone from where you left. It is Slim and functional, this TV will be a great addition to your living room as well as your lives. 


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