Types of heels to know about

One thing that a woman always has in her closet is heels! Be it a lovely pair of pumps or a comfortable pair of wedges- the obsession is real.

Let us know about the different types of shoes that will make you fall in love with your shoe closet over and over again!

1. Stiletoes


Stiletoes can be called as the most common footwear found in a women’s shoe closet, but still the most attractive one. It is a wonderful choice to go with any outfit and make a style statement.


2. Kitten heels

These will definitely make you feel classy and stylish at the same time. Being extemely comfortable, you can wear them for a fancy brunch or a business meeting- without hurting your feet!


3. Lace- ups

The lace- up shoes are trendy, and work wonders with a short dress or a skirt. Your feet will look stylish and make sure that you make a bold statement wherever you go.


4. Wedges

Looking for a comfortable but a cool pair of heels to spend your day in? Wedges are what you need in your shoe closet.

While wearing these heels, your weight is equally distributed and your feet do not feel tired. Lovely to go with denims or a sundress.


5. Boots

Well, your winter buddies are here! Boots are the ultimate style statement one can make in the cold weather. They look beautiful in all types of dresses and outfits, and let you be trendy as well.


Make sure to upgrade your shoe closet and get the best pairs of heels to complete it for all the looks!