Women’s Nike Sports Shirt


Women’s Nike Sports Shirt For Gyming

  • Brand – Nike
  • Main Material – Cotton
  • Size – Various sizes available
  • Color – Black


A t-shirt with a superb fit, breathable cloth material and moisture-wicking properties is all that makes a perfect sports tee. Tailored with superior quality cotton, this sportswear from Nike fulfills the criteria of an ideal athletic wear.

Cotton is always an ideal fabric for gym and sportswear since it’s durable and instantly absorbs moisture. Besides, it’s hypoallergenic and feels quite comfortable.

Why CouponeStore Recommends this Women’s Nike Sports Shirt:

Stay dry and comfy with the soft and sweat-absorbent material of this shirt. It’s stylish, durable and machine washable. Besides, it’s great for pre-winter season and works as a casual wear, too.

Nike as a Brand:

Nike is the leading manufacturer of sportswear and accessories, founded in 1964 with a vision to revolutionize the experience of sports enthusiasts and keep up their sporty spirit. Click here to know more about this brand.


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