Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aayush 22-Litre Water Purifier, Green & Aquasure 4000 litres Cartridge with Auto Shut-Off Combo

This Water Purifier  , is the Green color. It is also lightweight, so it can be move easily if you want to clean or traveling with it.

It does not use any electricity, so it saves electricity.

It is Cartridge installed Water Purifier. It is based on technology by which water passes through the cartridge to give 100% pure water, which is potable.



Water Purifier:

Nowadays as technology and modernity raises, so as pollution. But the most harmful pollution is water pollution because on average the human body needs 4-liter water to drink daily, and if that water contains impurity then it’ll be harmful more than any other pollution.

Water has many types of impurities that are- mud, dust, injurious chemicals, gases, biological and radiological contaminant; that is harmful to our bodies. That is why we need a water purifier.

Some impurities are not even visible by eyes, but Water Purifier identifies it and remove it from water and make it potable.

History of Water Purifier:

In history, the first experiment on water purification was made by Sir Francis Bacon, in 17th centaury but it was not successful, But it was just a beginning, after that many people tried and made Water Purifier.

In 1873 the first Water Purifier system was made by inventor C. W. Ackerman and 1985 first portable Water Purifier was made by Lawrence.


RO Water Purifier:

Ro or Reverse osmosis Water Purifier is based on water filtration technology that converts hard water into soft water and make it potable.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier has a semi-permeable membrane which separates ions, molecules and larger particle from potable water. It removes salt, manganese, iron, lead, calcium, etc.

It removes lead type elements from water and saves us from many diseases like low fertility, nerve damage, brain damage, high blood pressure, etc.

MTDS Water Purifier:

MTDS Water Purifier makes the purifier to work for various water sources. And control TDS up to 2000 mg/Liter. TDS below 30 mg/Liter is harmful to the human body, therefore to maintain TDS, MTDS Water Purifier is important.

Why Buy this Water Purifier:

There are many diseases like Dysentery, Trachoma, Typhoid fever, Cholera, etc. that can occur only by drinking contaminated water, so to be healthy and to stay away from this disease every family should have a water purifier. This Water Purifier has the following features-

Product 1: its Color is Green; Type: Non-electric with storage, so you will always drink fresh water and it will save electricity too. Filter Type of this water purifier is Carbon Block

Product 2: Its Color is White; Common for Xtra Tuff / Maxima / Shakti / Aayush purifiers; it has a Simple cleaning process – hold under running water; US EPA approved Contact Disinfection technology.

It has multi-stages purification technology, which makes it better than the other water purifier.

Instead of all that it has a classy look, which will make your kitchen and home soberer.

If you want to buy a water purifier with all the above properties and a decent look then you should definitely go for this water purifier, without thinking twice.

Water Purifier will keep you and your family healthy. You should definitely buy this product. It has all the features that are required. It has value and quality in perfect order.

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