Rock Bird 3

This rock bird toy contains

  • Recommended Age: 4 Years; Color: Multi Color
  • Material: Plastic
  •  Dimensions- LxWxH: 203 cm * 356 cm * 375 cm;
  • Is Battery Required: Yes;
  • Is Battery Included: Yes;
  • Whether Assembly Required: No;
  • Skills: Social and Emotional Growth
  • Included Items: Includes Pet and Instructions.; Number Of Pieces: 1



the creature wants to perform he sings, moves, makes wisecracks and does impression The rock-a-too, the show rock bird pet is here to entertain. He has 3 methods of play sing and move together, record expresses and hear him rehash them in his voice (or musically) and snicker at his wacky jokes .He reacts with 50+ sound-and-movement mixes and can move his head, body, wings, ornament and bill. This capable feathered creature has 3 unique routine schedules put on an act and perhaps take a portion of his move moves.

why does couponstore recommends :

ideal for kids as well for the ones who like to listen or  talk to someone or have a pet that sings .

about the brand:

FurReal Friends is a toy brand division of Hasbro, Tiger Electronics and Dreamright Toys created in 2002 of robotic pets. It is unknown when it was made by Sega Toys in Japan. The robotic toys range from guinea pigs to dinosaurs. They come in many sizes — some are able to be held in a child’s hand and others are able to be ridden by a child.



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