Microscope STEM 2

Smartivity stem microscope :

Educational Objective(s) Refraction, Rack and pinion, magnification, system of lenses
Number of Puzzle Pieces 120
Assembly Required Yes
Batteries Required No
Material Type(s) High Quality Engineered Wood
Color multi


There is a whole world that is too little to even think about being seen with the unaided eye. Luckily, man has concocted magnifying instruments to bring a brief look into this concealed universe. Utilizing the fun and clear guidance booklet, you will have the option to develop your own one of a kind magnifying instrument. Smartivity’s magnifying instrument unit is valuable for your young researchers to explore little articles. The LED light considers improved survey of little subtleties. Creators will have an awesome time learning and understanding the standards of optical instruments.

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With Smartivity, your kid develops a STEAM Concepts based game/play with Real Moving Parts and MECHANICAL ACTIONS

About the brand :

Smartivity Labs is disrupting the legacy toys and games industry by designing and developing physical, Augmented Reality enabled and internet-connected activities based S.T.E.M. learning toys for 3-12 year old children

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multi color




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