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Healthy food supplements- since from 40 years food supplements are considered  as most relevant source of consuming food starting from infants to older citizens. We consume food for gaining energy in form of proteins, fats, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, potassium and various other enzymes. As infants are unable to eat food, we provide them energy in form of  healthy drinks such as similac, medomil, ragilicks, pediasure, lactogen, protinex, enfagrow etc. are major food supplements specially designed for new born babies or kids. These food supplements are specially designed for providing instant energy(protein, vitamins)to the body. These products are highly recommended by doctors or physicians for infants upto age 6 years of supplements are available in various forms such as powder, syrup, energy bar, gummies, drinks, tablets or capsule.

These are readily available throughout the world as per the requirements. These food supplements are also available with different flavours mostly chocolate, pista, kesar, butterscotch, mango, pineapple, orange etc.

Benefits of food supplements preventing diseases

  • Calcium and vitamin D strengthen bone and prevent from fatigue.
  • Fish oils containing omega-3 fatty acids helps to prevent heart disorders.
  • Antioxidants including vitamins C and vitaminE are highly effective for cancer chemotherapy.
  • Folic acids are useful in decreasing the threats of birth defects.
  • vitamin B12 are originated from meat, fish and dairy products which are useful for keeping blood cells and nerves healthy.
  • vitamin E supplements are useful for reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • vitamin K prevents blood clotting and reduces the risk of thinning of blood.

Hence, all the vitamins, minerals and proteins plays a vital role in the human body. Human body is works like a engine, which required fuels to works smoothly similarly our body also required such fuels in form of energy. These packet supplements can easily carried out for any travelling purpose.

Disadvantages of food supplements

Food supplements along with protein and vitamins it also contains various other ingredients which can be highly toxic to the human body.

  • Excessive amount of vitamin A can cause headaches, liver damage, birth defects and reduces bone strength.
  • Excessive amount of iron can cause nausea, vomiting and damage your liver and other vital organs.
  • Vitamin A (beta-carotene)in huge amount can be toxic to human health.
  • High doses supplements containing vitamin E or vitamin C cannot act as a medicine for prostate, breast or lung cancer.
  • Vitamin C doses above 1 gram can cause diarrhoea.
  • Water-soluble vitamins including vitamin B6, in large amount can cause harmful effects to the body.
  • Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins that are stored in the body and if consume in high doses show harmful effects in the body.
  • High doses of vitamin B6 can also leads to nerve damage.
  • supplements should not be taken until or unless recommended by doctors, dietitians or physicians.

Reasons for taking food supplements

  • Stress– excessive stress can reduce many nutritions in the body such as iron, magnesium, zinc or calcium. So to compensate the loss nutritions we can take food supplements including iron, magnesium or calcium as a major ingredients.
  • Weak digestion and not eating habits– these results into improper absorption of nutrients in the body. Digestion issues is the most common issue of human body which leads to insufficient absorption of nutrients further increases nutritional needs.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle– it includes specially smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee, pills and drugs which can show highly deficiency of nutritions in the body.
  1. Smoking & drinking alcohol can cause depletion of vitamin C in the human body.
  2. A cup of Coffee can reduce the absorption of 1/3 iron in the body.
  3. Drugs including aspirin can cause deficiency of vitamin c in the body, paracetamol shows deficiency of antioxidants, birth control pills can cause deficiency of vitamin B6, B12, zinc and folic acid and consuming antibiotics can show the deficiency of vitamin B in the body.

So always consult qualified health professional doctors or dietitians before consuming or avoiding any food supplements.


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