Yoga mat

A yoga mat is one of the accessories needed to perform yoga. There are many yoga mat benefits that you can enjoy to make the practice more effective. The primary benefit of using a mat is to avoid potential injury


Yoga mat

Yoga mat


Yoga mat

Yoga is a workout craze that has been introduced thousands of years ago. It does not only help to tone muscles and burn calories. This workout involves your body and mind by performing a combination of stretching poses and meditation and deep breathing.

A yoga mat is one of the accessories needed to perform yoga. There are many  mat benefits that you can enjoy to make the practice more effective. The primary benefit of using a mat is to avoid potential injury.

As you think about your safety, it makes sense finding the best  mat suitable to your preference. Aside from the pattern and color, you should also choose a yoga mat that provides stability while employing your poses.


Your decision to buy a mat depends on your personal preference and needs. It is essential to select the best mat suitable to your specific needs so that you can also enjoy its benefits. Apparently, the main benefit of a yoga mat is to improve coordination and balance.

Here are some of the yoga mat benefits that you can enjoy:

1. Keep your body warm

To keep your energy flow throughout your body while doing yoga poses, you need to use a yoga mat. It will keep your body warm because the heat of your body is not transferred onto the floor.

2. Provides comfort

For newbie yogis, it is quite uncomfortable to do stretching and holding breathing and posture. This makes sense of using a yoga mat that works like padding so that your body won’t be in direct contact with the floor.

3. Protects you from injury

Doing yoga poses requires a stable surface. Otherwise you won’t be able to perform the transition of poses effectively. With this, you should use a yoga mat that has enough thickness that will protect you from the risks You can easily perform yoga poses in a firm and solid surface such as in  mat.

4. Improves balance

One of the benefits is that it helps to improve balance. Its firm and a stable surface can boost mental and physical effects. Make sure to choose a mat that has the right stickiness so that you can sustain good alignment while transitioning to another pose.

5. Provides stability

To make the most of the this mat benefits, you should select a mat that provides stability.The surface of the mat must be firm and elastic. A cork mat absorbs the impact made possible by the tiny air bubbles inside the cork cell.

6. It makes a sacred space

Using this mat creates your sacred space and enables you to practice anywhere you want. It is important to have and use your own mat especially if you’re practicing in a group. If you have your own yoga mat you won’t be exposed to germs and bacteria present on the floor.

7. Gives better grip

To avoid re-adjusting the position of the mat, it is necessary to choose the one that gives better grip. A cork mat does not lose grip even if it’s wet because it releases a waxy compound. Thus, you won’t be destructed on your practice.

The mat should be portable and comfy as well as environmentally friendly. Likewise, the material of the mat and the surface texture must be put into consideration.




The most vital feature to consider in selecting a yoga mat is the thickness. The thickness varies from 3mm to 6mm. But, you can also find 15mm thick yoga mat. A thicker yoga mat provides more protection and comfort.

– Material

These mats are made from different raw materials. Elastic mats are made from natural rubber and they provide great grasp. The downside of elastic mats is the smell it produced particularly the new ones.

You can also find mats that are made from Polyvinyl Chloride, Polymer Environmental Resin, and Thermoplastic Elastomer.

– Footing

The footing of the this mat is also an essential feature to consider before making your purchase. If the yoga poses that you perform requires sliding, curving, and turning, it is a must to invest in a  mat that has great footing. It should be reliable in both dry and wet conditions.

The best mat must solidly hold onto the surface amid your yoga poses.

– Strength

The sturdiness or strength of the this mat is also an imperative feature. Buy one that can serve you for at least a year. This means that you should buy a high-quality  mat. It should endure for a longer time in spite of regular use.

– Eco-friendly

Choosing an eco friendly mat is a must. You can only achieve the  mat benefits if the material used is eco-friendly and would not pose harm to your health.

– Easy to clean

If you do yoga regularly, most likely your sweat and other dirt will accumulate on the mat. With this, it’s essential to choose a this mat that is easy to wash. As much as possible, you should clean it every week to remove the microorganisms that cause the foul odor.


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