Voltas Beko 340L Refrigerator

Voltas Beko  brings you the Double-door refrigerator which  is most trusted frost-free fridge and lookout of all of your daily refrigeration needs. The refrigerator comes with an efficient ProSmart Inverter Compressor which is proficient in keeping your electricity bills lower and 4 times quieter compared to other compressors. Now store your fruits and veggies and delicious food fresh for longer duration, besides maintaining natural flavours and nutritional elements.


  • RAPID COOLING Function Advanced inverter compressor which ensures efficient cooling throughout the refrigerator.
  • ACTIVE BLUE LIGHT Technology-Simulates natural lighting conditions which helps fruits and veggies retain its vitamins and other nutrients.
  • FRESH BOX Technology-Large Humidity controlled crisper to keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer time.
  • PRO SMART INVERTER TECHNOLOGY- ProSmart Inverter Compressor in this refrigerator is capable in downplaying your power bills. It’s 4 times silent contrasted with different compressors in the market and accompanies a 12-year guarantee. The intelligent cooling system adjusts to any change promptly, accordingly making less temperature vacillations inside the fridge. This furnishes quicker cooling with less vitality, permitting food to remain new for any longer.
  • Neo Frost Dual Cooling- The best in class innovation utilises two separate circuits to blow air into the cooler and fridge compartments guaranteeing that cool air is disseminated equitably. Along these lines, the smell isn’t moved between the food things in various compartments, and dampness level inside the fridge is likewise managed. Result, enduring newness and controlled temperature, in each condition.
  • IonGuard technology- The nearness of terrible particles and microbes inside the cooler makes positive particles. The IonGuard kills a similar positive particle by making negative particles inside the cooler, and in this manner executing the microscopic organisms, infections and particles that cause awful smells. The outcome is a natural air condition for your food, and the way that your food remains new for a more extended period.
  • FROST-FREE REFRIGERATOR- It utilises electrical fans to keep put away food new and as the name suggests, they don’t should be physically de-iced or defrosted on the grounds because there is no ice develop in the ice chest.
  • StoreFresh technology- Have you at any point seen vegetables evaporating in your coolers? It is the loss of dampness inside the fridge that prompts this condition, and this is the place the StoreFresh+ innovation becomes possibly the most important factor. It ensures that leafy foods remain new as long as 30 days longer. This is accomplished through uncommonly structured crisper that can direct stickiness inside.



Model RFF363I
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Annual energy consumption 255 kilowatt hours
Capacity 340 litres
Refrigerator fresh food capacity 234  litres
Freezer capacity 105 litres
Installation Type Free-standing
Form factor Double  door
LED Illumination yes
Electronic Display yes
Reversible Door yes
Colour silver
voltage  230 volts
Manufactured country India
Batteries required no
Shelf type Glass
Material Stainless-steel
ASIN B08127F8P4
Dimensions WxDxH (cm) 60×70.7×165
Warranty 10 years on compressor and 2 year comprehensive rating.



This refrigerator has many smart feature which makes it an intelligent technology refrigerator. It has antibacterial gasket which makes your refrigerator bacteria free. Its smart inverter compressor which allows less electricity consumption and silent functioning compared to others. It’s double door feature makes it convenient as you can store food items in two different places and hence it does not create food crowding in your refrigerator. Its also has twist ice maker and its capacity is suitable for joint families. Overall this refrigerator is very promising in this price range.

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inventor compressor




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