Toddler Doll 3

the toddler doll from kindi :

Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight 54.4 Grams
Model Number 50009
Number of Puzzle Pieces 1
Assembly Required No
Batteries Required No
Batteries Included No
Remote Control Included? No
Color multicolour


Meet six of the most splendid and bubbly companions who are prepared to share your youngster’s excursion through Kindergarten! The Kindi toddler doll Kids will give you how much fun being at Kindergarten can be. Go along with them as they play at their mystical Rainbow Kindi. Kindi Kids are loaded with existence with large glittery eyes, bobbling heads, brushable hair and removable garments and shoes!.

why couponstore recommends :

Like a toddler walking for the first time, Kindi Kids wobble and bobble their heads when picked up and played with, making them look like they are alive in your arms! . gives you a sense of responsibility as you are handling a real child .

About the brand :

kindi is child brand of moose . Our best-selling Moose toys dominate collectibles, craft, dolls, games and youth electronics categories. We shook up the industry with Mighty Beanz and Shopkins – global hits of major proportions. These tiny little characters have made kids Superhappy all over the world and changed the way they think about playing. Not satisfied to stop at toys, we’ve also stretched ourselves into creating superduper content, entertainment and making epic worldwide licensing deals. We may be a family run business but we’re no small fry.



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multi color




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