Reebok Women’s Training Shoes- Pink/Rose

Reebok has been a leading brand in producing training shoes and clothes. The sports shoes of this brand are long-lasting and promote comfort to another level. With new technology, they have come up with shoes that give the support that you need.


Reebok has been one of the main sellers of sports shoes and attire in the market. It keeps in consideration many factors to develop shoes that are well-suited for the masses.

The color of these training shoes is vibrant and bright, which would style up your training wardrobe. It is lightweight, which is one of the most important characteristics of a training shoe. And the material mesh helps to make it breathable and lets air pass through it. The 3D Ultralite technology also gives good support to the foot and makes your money worth it.

Author recommendation- The shoes are of good quality and would be great for a beginner who wants to indulge in sports training, running, jogging, etc. It is well priced and from a well-renowned brand, which makes it a catch and a good product to purchase.

Additional information


Lace- up Type

Shoe Width

Regular style

Material Used

Synthetic fibre

Toe Style

Round toe


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