Reebok Walking Shoes- Black

Reebok has been in the industry for a long time. It produces many types of shoes, whether it is walking shoes or running shoes, to help you meet your workout goals.


These walking shoes give the utmost comfort to the user and make sure that the customer has no problem walking in them.

With the slip-on technique, it becomes easier to wear and remove the shoe, which can be useful for those who find it hard to tie laces or it is difficult to get down and tie them.

Such shoes can help you with that.

The textile outer material makes the shoe very comfortable and the inner sole gives comfort to your feet.

This shoe can be worn for long durations as well. With the fancy style and color, it also enhances your look.

Author’s recommendation- This is a very good product to be purchased. The customers found it classy and reasonably priced.

Additional information


Slip-on type

Shoe Width


Material Used


Toe style

Round Toe


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