Mechanical Hand STEM 7

the smartivity mechanical hand :

Educational Objective(s) Bio Mimicry, Hand Anatomy, Gears, Links, Structural Stability
Number of Puzzle Pieces 316
Assembly Required Yes
Batteries Required No
Color multi


The Smartivity mechanical hand is only for you. With its sensible  life structures, the fingers move simply like your  fingers. You can snatch things, make  signals, open entryway handles and even play get! The mechanical toy acquaints kids with the wonderful life systems , portraying the joints and bones of the fingers alongside their tendons and ligaments.

why couponstore recommends :

these toys are designed to encourage children to make things with their own self, which brings them pride and instills a deep self-confidence. We are strongly committed to providing play-filled learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts) and Mathematics) fundamentals through all our toys.

about the brand :

Smartivity Labs is disrupting the legacy toys and games industry by designing and developing physical, Augmented Reality enabled and internet-connected activities based S.T.E.M. learning toys for 3-12 year old children

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multi color


cardboard, Plastic


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