Khatte Meethe Desires Message in a Bottle/Glass Bulb Jar (52 messages)

Bottle / Glass Bulb jar with 52 messages

  • Gift for friends
  • with strolls messages
  • standard glass
  • Colorful design
  • Vibrant colors



This a  Message in a Bottle/Gifts/Glass Bulb Jar for friends, which is an ideal gift for your heartfelt closed ones. It is designed in a glass bulb shaped bottle and comes with a tag hanging outside the bottle.

The theme of  this gift is to express your endless love and affection in words through an amazing enlightening bulb shaped bottle made of glass to make their life shine brighter. There are 52 scrolls present in the bottle. Each scroll has a different message printed on it.. This piece of art will become a memento of the relationship you share with your loved ones

Key Features

  • Glass bulb shaped bottle: 52 Reasons you are my best friend
  • 52 scrolls with messages: Handmade paper scroll
  • All the 52 scrolls are printed with one different message each.
  • Can be gifted to both male friends and female friends

Technical Features

Why To Buy

This is one of the best personalized gift , perfect to gift your loved ones.The bulb and strolls are made of high quality and long durable material . The glass hick with a shiny glare on it. This product looks beautiful as well.

Additional information

Glass Bulb Jar

Brand-Khatte Meethe, Color-vibrant colors, Model-2019/


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