Kavi The Poetry DIY Art Bottle Lamp(45 grams) (Yellow)

DIY Art bottle Yellow Lamp (30 x 10 x 30 cm)

  • Item number : in2018far45
  • Do-it-yourself
  • The poetry Art Bottle
  • Yellow color
  • Perfect Dimensions
  • Glass primary material




The DIY Art product is a do-it-yourself product that is a lamp that has amazing features and gives you an opportunity to draw sketches,write down mini notes,remainders, draw doodles and change it everyday ,on the ravishing DIY Art Yellow bottle . Try this product which will never make you get bored. This is a unique and perfect gift to your best friends, loved ones, relatives and family.

Key Features

  • Includes: Bottle Lamp with Wooden Base
  • Recycled from real waste wine bottles
  • Can be used with either a 15 watt milky white bulb or 2.5 or 3 watt LED bulb
  • Comes along with a wooden base fitted with a holder for bulb and wire 2.5 yards long
  • Takes a day time to dispatch from our end
  • Comes with a duster and marker to do all the writing and doodling
  • 15 watt milk white or 2.5 watt LED bulb

Technical Features

Why to Buy

This product stands as Top product and is an ideal project art to gift someone.You will for sure fall in love with the idea behind this DIY Art.



Additional information

DIY Bottle lamp

Brand-kavi, model-2018, Color-yellow/


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