Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil


Product Attributes 

  • It is a cold-pressed oil 
  • It is natural and organic
  • It absorbs Fast 
  • This oil is Non-sticky
  • Acts as a Conditioner for damaged hair
  • Helps in Smoothing your skin
  • Evens out your skin tone

Why to buy?

If you want something that will help keep your skin soft and smooth and help in preventing any signs of premature aging and wrinkling of the skin then you should definitely try the Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. It also reduces dandruff, graying and falling of hair and makes the hair look shiny and lustrous. It is also known to heal stretch marks. It is mild, thus works well for sensitive skin. Kama extra virgin coconut oil is 100 percent organic, cold-pressed, and produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Coconut oil naturally conditions and nourishes damaged hair. An ideal moisturizer for the body, it makes the skin smooth and even textured. 


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