Hyper Adam Rucksack (65 litres)

The 65 liter capacity Hyper Adam Rucksack is spacious and can accommodate your hiking belongings, trekking essentials or your tour stuffs with ease. The broad, adjustable straps distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders which allow for a comfortable trekking experience. This backpack allows you to enjoy without any worry about your belongings.


Key features-

  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Sea Green and Red Straps.
  • Dimensions:  30.5 x 17.8 x 76.2 cm
  • Weight- 860gms.
  • Volume- 65 Litres.
  • EMI Scheme- No cost EMI.
  • Water Resistant
  • Gender Preference- All
  • Drawstring or Zippers- Zippers
  • Warranty- No.
  • Delivery Cost- Free.


Hyper Adam Hiking Backpack comes with enough room. It is ultra lightweight and has many compartments. It has the approximate capacity if 65 litres. It can carry laptop, books, clothes, camping gears and other essentials.

It has front pockets, top zipper pockets, two side net pouch and two adjustable compression straps.
It has enough room approximately 65 litres. It can carry 17 inch laptop, books, clothes, camping gear and other essentials. It has front pocket, top zipper pocket and two side net pouch pockets along with two adjustable compression straps above in order to adjust the width of the bag as per your requirement.

It comes with a separate shoe compartment. To have comfortable accommodation for your pair of shoes without tainting other belongings.

It comes with many adjustable belts. This Backpack comes with tactical military style 8. It is padded along the waist belt having sufficient length, width of 8 cm with attached adjustable buckle which is comfortable enough to fit on your waist for better balance.

It has backside Honeycomb padded structure which helps you to travel at ease. It provides proper air circulation while in summer and humid destinations and to prevent you from swear and feel more relax. It has a “S” Shaped Straps structure which fits on your shoulders very comfortably, having the width of 7 cm. Backpack bottom bag stud made of rubber act as guard for your bottom surface which makes the weight evenly distributed and gives greater balance.

It has multiple purposes. It can be used for climbing, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, tours and even vacation travels. It is ideal for 10-18 days journey.



Why should you buy this product?

Great Durability. You can travel for 10-18 days without any luggage trouble.
The attractive color combination makes it look effortlessly stylish.
The cushioning and padding reduced back pain.
The design helps to evenly distribute the weight compared to other bags.
The unique shape makes it greatly accommodative.
The price is very low but does not compromise with the quality.
Water resistant, so you do not have to worry about weather situations.
Multiple compartments and pockets helps to store all necessary belongings.



  Based on Customer Review-

  1. Durability- 4.0/5
  2. Stitching- 4.1/5
  3. Budget Friendly- 4.0/5
  4. Water Resistance- 3.6/5
  5. Zippers Quality- 3.9/5
  6. Space Allotment- 3.4/5
  7. Looks- 4.5/5




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