Hobby Crafts 5

Asian Hobby Crafts for kids :

Brand Asian Hobby Crafts
Model Number ASNHC1369_O
Colour Pom Pom Kit
Manufacturer Part Number ASNHC1369_O


Asian hobby crafts presents50pcs Googly Eyes in Different Sizes and Different Colors – Meet your requirements for making makes, size: 5/8/10/12 mm. 50pcs Pipe Cleaners – It can be bowed; bent; twisted or enveloped by most shapes. You can cut it into the length you need. 50pcs approx Colorful Fluffy Pompoms and 50 bits of Thorn Ball Clusters.

why couponstore recommends :

It assists with making craftsmanship tasks and discharge youngsters’ creative mind. takes them away from all the gadgets and makes them take some initiative and makes their mind to next level.

About the brand :

Asian Hobby Craft LLP first began with the discovery that craft professionals, designers, teachers, scout leaders, camps and other craft enthusiasts were having difficulty finding the prices and quantities of craft supplies that they needed. The founders saw the solution in the Internet, as a way to build a virtual craft supply warehouse that every craft consumer could have access to.

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