Godrej 190 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This model is a steel wine color. It has capacity 190 L. Its Annual Energy Consumption is 208 Kilowatt-hours.

It gives uniform cooling with more spaces and it saves electricity. It has input voltage V. This product has all the features that are required.




A Refrigerator also is known as a fridge is commonly used for refrigeration or cooling of food and beverages. In the world, refrigeration is commonly used for the prevention of food from spoilage.

It consists of thermally insulated compartments and a thermal pump or heat pump that is used to transfer heat from the compartments to the external surrounding which helps it to maintain a certain temperature which is far less than that of the surrounding. The general temperature of a fridge is between 3 to 5 °C (37 to 41 °F).

they are common in every household throughout the whole world.

It allows us to buy food in bulk and eat it later and as we know bulk purchases save money.

There are many types of refrigerators, some of them are as follows-

1- Top Freezer.

2- Side-by-Side.

3- Bottom Freezer.

4- French door.

5- Counter-Depth.

6- Mini Fridge

Refrigeration is invented by WILLIAM CULLEN in the 1940s. The average life span of it is in between 14 to 27 years.

Around 200 million fridges are sold worldwide which generate more than 100 million US dollars approximately in annual market revenue


Its history lies back in the 1750s, as artificial refrigeration for food began and further developed around the early 1800s.

First working the vapor-compression fridge was invented in 1834, which was very new and bizarre for society and at that time.

Then first ice-making machine which was used for commercial works was built in 1854. Around the 1920s, production of home refrigerators began. In 1923, Frigidaire introduced a self-contained refrigeration unit.

And also home freezers as a separate compartment which was way too big for only ice cubes were introduced in 1940.

This caused frozen foods or items to become common in households which were considered as a luxury.

About this product:

This product has the following features-

Brand Godrej
Model RD 1902 EW 23 STL WN
Energy Efficiency 2 Star Rating
Capacity 190 Liters
Annual Energy Consumption 208 Kilowatt Hours
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity 163.36 Liters
Freezer Capacity 14.84 Liters
Installation Type Free-Standing
Form Factor standard_single_door
Special Features Door Lock, Stabilizer free operation
Colour Steel Wine
Voltage 230 Volts
Defrost System Direct Cool
Shelf Type Glass
Material Steel
Included Components 1 Refrigerator, Warranty Card and Manual
Batteries Required No
Annual Energy Consumption 208 kilowatt_hours
Freezer Capacity 14.84 liters
Fresh Food Capacity 163.36 liters
Input Voltage 230 volts

The requirement of Refrigerator:

A fridge is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen for keeping foods safe. It is essential for food storage, as due to lower temperature, bacteria cannot reproduce so that by it food does not get spoiled.

There is a small compartment in it, called freezer, it is used for freezing water to make ice or to make ice cream and its temperature is far less than that of the inner chambers.

There are many new innovative technologies emerging day by day for the refrigerator. The latest refrigerator has a built-in distributor of chilled water and ice cubes, and even a television.

One of the more convenient options for new refrigerators is automatic defrosting.

Why Buy this product:


This product has value and quality in perfect proportion. And instead of all features, it has a smart and classy look, which will decorate your kitchen and home.

If you are looking for this type of fridge, which should have the following features then you should definitely by this product.

This Refrigerator has all the features that are required and you do not need to think twice before buying this Refrigerator.

Additional information

Annual Energy Consumption

208 kilowatt_hours

Input Voltage

230 V




190 L


RD 1902 EW 23 STL WN


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