dart game18

  • toys and gamesBring the family together and have a family holiday tournament.

  • Dartboards have a unique ability to gather people and encourage positive competition.

  • This board will do that nicelt boards are quite popular in kids above the age of 8 years and is likable as this game boosts their eye hand coordination.

  • Apart from being an engaging game, it motivates people to outshine their aiming skills.

  • WOOD-O-PLAST 12-inch Dart Board Set


  • toys and gamesProduct Dimensions :29.2 x 29.2 x 2 cm , Dual side play
  • Material is plywood with cork surface
  • Content 3 darts and 1  board, 1 plastic hook
  • WOOD-O-PLAST 12-inch Dart Board Set

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