Best LED LG TV Designed and Made In India

The sleek design of Best LED LG TV  delivers a healthy dose of futuristic flair to complement the outstanding HD picture and advanced features.



Features of this Best LED LG TV are as follows:-

  • The IPS Panel retains vibrancy of color in the screen and from large angles.
  • Fast access to all the Direct Hot Keys material and connections
  • Enjoy free built-in games with LG GAME TV.
  • LG TVs are equipped with All Round Safety, providing protection against lightning, summer heat , moisture, dust, shock, and without a stabilizer.
  • Using live zoom user can select screen area to see the image in detail.
  • Enjoy free built-in games with LG GAME TV.
  • Using live zoom user can select screen area to see the image in detail.
  • With 20W lighter and clearer sound, LG LED gives you the ultimate sound experience.
  • Open Bollywood Mode or Smart Sound Mode (in the case of smart TV), and pick the appropriate EQ sound on TV automatically.
  • LG TVs provide easy and trouble-free connectivity to external home theaters or active speakers for enhanced sound experience with various Audio out options. The available audio output options are headphone out, RCA Analog out or Digital optical audio output (varying from model to model)

Main Features:-

  • Resolution: HD Ready (1366 x 768p) Rate of refreshment 50 hertz
  • Display: IPS Live Zoom Cricket Mode
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI link ports, Blu Ray players, games console 1 USB access port for hard drives and other USB devices
  • Audio output: 20 Watts In Dolby Digital Plus DTS Support Audio Out FM Radio Bollywood Mode
  • Installation: Contact LG directly at 1800315999/18001809999 for installation / wall mounting / demo of this product once delivered, and provide the model name of the product and the details of the seller mentioned on your invoice. The service center will provide you with a convenient service slot
  • Warranty: 2 years standard LG fabricator warranty.
  • Additional information: Free standard wall mounting provided when installed
  • Easy Returns: This product is available for replacement within 10 days of delivery if any product defects, damage or features are not in compliance with the specifications.

Why to Buy this Product?

  • IPS Display
  • FM Radio
  • 20W Powerful Sound
  • Quick Access
  • Built In & Upgradable Games
  • All Round Protection Plus
  • The panel is the secret behind the lifelike color and broad viewing angle of LG TV. Just as the quality of the beans determines the quality of the coffee, so does the quality of the panel.
  • LG’s use of the IPS panel is the explanation why LG LED TVs have simpler, more reliable and durable displays. Life-like colour: IPS provides a most similar color impression to that of the original image.
  • The colors are genuinely nature-friendly and eye-friendly. Wide viewing angle: The IPS shows the most consistent color and contrast from all angles among LCD panels is visibly obvious. Free from color washing and loss of contrast, this panel is suitable for any reason.
  • Blur-free clarity: In the clarity of its pictures during quick motion showing, IPS is notably superior to the competing panels, allowing for blur-free, crystal-clear photographs. Stable screen: IPS panels are strong , durable and damage-resistant as opposed to poor competing panels, just try a quick knock or poke at the screens to see for yourself.


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