9 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

9 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HTW90-1159, Blue)

  • Pulser Double Clear, Dual Color Vortex
  • Tough Glass Lid
  • Technology Softfall



Following are the features of 9 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine:-

  • Semi-automatic washing machine with top load; power 9 kg
  • 3 Wash schemes
  • Warranty: for product 2 years, for motor 5 years
  • Pulser Double Clear, Dual Color Vortex
  • Tough Glass Lid
  • Technology Softfall
  • Wizard Filter
  • Sprinkle
  • Antimonopoly
  • With Toughened Glass Lid, the Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine has rust-free cabinet which increases durability.
  • It has Softfall Technology and Vortex Pulsator which leads to better performance in washing.
  • It has 3 different wash programs for each type of fabric ensuring a safe and customized wash.
  • In addition, this twin-tub machine comes in an ideal blend of white and blue colours.
  • The washing machine with capacity of 9 kg comes with a 2 year comprehensive product warranty.

Technical Specifications:-

Why to buy this Product?

  • Lasting Construct
    The drum is of enduring construction. It delivers powerful , high-resilience performance to withstand high speed spin. This makes it a robust device that fits heavy loads and daily use.
  • Wizard Filter
  • The filter of the device has been specially designed for optimized lint collection to provide a clean and hygienic wash through time. This effectively helps eliminate unwanted residues.
  • Vortex Pulser
  • Specially the washing machine features a vortex pulser. This allows for uniform washing with a vortex motion through strong water flow, effectively removing even the hardest of stains.
  • Twin Safe
    With Double Clean Technology a thorough and intensive cleaning process is assured for your clothes. It works easily and with superior performance against unwanted stains.
  • Spray
    The washing machine is designed to split water into different flows and strength, creating full rinses to properly remove the foam. This helps reduce the studs and make cleaning simpler.
  • Loading top
    This top-charging unit has a 9 kg storage capacity. The top-charging facility makes loading your laundry at waist height easy and convenient.
  • Technology Softfall
    The lids are lightweight and are designed to easily open. They close by with a smooth and guided movement to avoid
  • Tough Glass Lid
    The lids are made of toughened glass which makes them strong and durable. They have a reflective layer of surface that will enhance your laundry room’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Anti Rat Mesh
    It is specially built to be pest-proof and is fitted with a mesh cover at the base to prevent the entry of rats. This protective structure protects the device from any damage. 
  • Body free from rust
    This washing machine has an exterior made from plastic. This makes it resistant to rust formation and allows for an easy cleaning facility to maintain the hygienic standard and durability of the unit to better. 
  • CastorsThe unit is sturdy on 4 legs. Castors are fastened for easy mobility inside the legs.


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