8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

8 Place Table Top Dishwasher, offers 6 wash programs for efficient washing of dishes.

  • Table Top
  • Easy to Install
  • Perfect for nuclear family
  • Number of Spray Levels: 2



Following are the features of 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher:-

  • Set the parameters to
  • 6 Wash programs; Table Top Product Size; Cutlery Tray: Small
  • Warranty- (2 + 3) 2 years complete / 5 years on motor only
  • Tisch Top
  • Simple Installation
  • Ideal for the nuclear family
  • Spray Level Number: 2.
  • Built-in heater-wash temperature of 70C
  • List of washable products-stainless steel, acrylic, etc.
  • The Voltas DT8S dishwasher offers 6 wash programs to wash dishes efficiently.
  • The dishwasher design ensures that a wide range of dishes can be washed whilst the easy electronic control with push touch pad gives you a perfect experience.
  • Not only is the dishwasher highly energy-efficient and water-efficient but it is also very easy to use.

Technical Details:-

Customer’s Corner:-

Main features:-

1. Compact space saving table top model
2. Does an excellent job at cleaning, cleans throughly, inside the ridges, oily kadhais and pans, everything comes out sparkling clean
3. Dishes come out dry so no need to wipe before putting in place
4. relatively silent, doesn’t make loud noise.

  • There are 3 things you will need to buy to operate the dishwasher :
    1. Dishwasher salt (add abt 1kg with 1lit. Water)
    2. Dishwasher soap
    3. Rinse aid
    I suggest you order all 3 at the same time from Amazon when you order the dishwasher. IFB is a good brand.
    Of these 3, the rinse aid and the salt you will have to load into the dishwasher at the start and then only once the indicator lights up asking you to load more.
    Detergent you will have to load with every wash.The machine has 6 different settings, on a normal setting it takes 2 n half hrs to wash one load out of which the last 40 mins or so it uses to dry the utensils. there are other faster settings as well. but i stick to the normal mode by habit.

    If you feel you will have more utensils or want to use once a day, please buy a bigger machine.

  • Loading the dishwasher is an art in itself and will take a bit of time to master. I have attached pictures of a load of utensils, but you can load more than those.
    When we bought it and started using it we were novices so we would less utensils, and would have to use the dishwasher twice a day. But as time went by , we learnt the technique and now we load it much more efficiently and use it only once in the night after dinner.
    Just make sure you don’t load anything that’s in the way of the spinning arms.It uses much much less water than would be used to wash the same number of utensils by hand. also the utensils come out much more cleaner.
  • Excellent product in this price range. It is equiped with all the essential features which is needed in a dish washer. Portable table top design with two tray accommodates all vital utensils in just one wash


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