L’Occitane Aqua Thirst-Quench Gel


Product Attributes 

  • Leaves your skin hydrated 
  • Helps to even tone your skin
  • Clears it up

Why to buy?

The L’Occitane Aqua Thirst-Quench Gel is Enriched with hydrating hyaluronic acid and calcium wealthy réotier water acknowledged for its houses to assist pores and skin keep its hydration barrier and keep moisture, this ultra-sparkling face moisturizer consists of heaps of micro-bubbles that immediately recharge pores and skin with water. Its components glide onto pores and skin to behave like a magnet to hold-in moisture and drench the pores and skin all day long. Skin’s herbal hydration is improved; it’s far without delay recharged with water. Replenished and radiant, pores and skin is visibly plumped. Proven effects a hundred percentage the product diffuses water into the pores and skin ninety-seven percentage the product is my every day crucial dose of hydration ninety-eight percentage pores and skin is complete of power and power 89 percentage pores and skin is radiant and is extra hydrated pleasure examined on 39 ladies after 28 days.


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