6.7 kg Built-in Heater Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

6.7 kg Built-in Heater Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

(NA-F67AH8MRB,Middle free silver, Advanced Active Foam Wash) with Built in Heater, Water Reuse) 



Following are the features of 6.7 kg Built-in Heater Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine:-

  • Built-In Heater Fully-automatic top load washing machine: Affordable with great wash quality, Easy to use
  • Capacity 6.7 Kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members ; Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product and 12 years on motor ; 702 RPM: Higher the Spin speed,lower the drying time
  • Wash Programs: 10
  • Also Included in the box: Inlet hose,Drain pipe,Anti-rat cover, snap ring, screw,Owner’s manual
  • Built-In Heater : A heater keeps the water hot during washing to thoroughly sterilize items. Ideal for washing infant clothes and towels
  • Active Foam System: Stains are lifted from each crevice of the clothes more efficiently with high density foam generated by the system
  • Easy wide opening : Based on an Ergonomic design, the opening has been made wider for easier loading/unloading of large items
  • Water Reuse: Enables to preserve water for Second wash Cycle

Technical Specifications –

Why to buy this Product?

  • This unit comes with Built -In Heater that encourages hot washing and helps to remove stronger stain. Aqua Spin Rinse ‘s distinctive feature sprays a strong shower of water on all clothes to thoroughly wash away any additional detergent or foam that cleans the clothes better.
  • The gap was made wider based on an Ergonomic concept for faster loading / unloading of big products. The control panel is slanted, so the unit at the front is lower, making it comfortable for users of all heights.
  • Our technology is a legacy of ours
    Panasonic prides itself on being a company that genuinely understands price. Panasonic is rooted in Japanese culture and ensures outstanding craftsmanship and remains uncompromising with the latest technologies , providing a premium range of products to suit any lifestyle need.
  • At Panasonic we have always worked to improve our technology and to give our customers the highest quality goods. We have spent over 70 years perfecting our science and development, from which we reached the 100-million-unit mark in 2013 already. Our washing machines are sold all over the globe and their reliability speaks for itself.
  • Built-in StainMaster+ heater
    Removes 5 of the most common stains quickly by pressing a button! The combination of a scrub-wash effect, created by the dynamic water flow combined with the optimal water temperature and soaking time, provides the optimum wash sequence to remove stains effectively.
  • Wash clothes with 60 ° C water to kill bacteria that are stuck to the clothing. In the wash, the heater holds the water hot to remove 99.9 per cent germs completely.
  • Curry and food stained clothes soaked in detergent and warm water from the Built-In Heater, provide better results for a long time and scrubbed. Tough stains on the collar and cuff are washed away after they are soaked with warm water and dissolved.



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