5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine  (WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.5, Grey, Hard Water Wash).



Following are the features 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine:-

  • Premium Edge to Edge aesthetic with 12 Wash programs-Daily, Heavy, Delicate, White, Stainwash, Anti Bacterial, Eco, Woollens, Bed Sheets, Rinse + Spin, Spin, Wash Only
  • In-built heater technology: can heat water at three different rates-dry, hot and free of allergen.
  • 360 Action Bloomwash with Hexabloom Impeller
  • LED Electronic Monitor & Soft Close Lid: offers first-class experience and protects the glass lid against damage
  • Tech Hardwater Wash
  • Advanced magic lint filter: extracts and purifies the lint automatically from the system
  • Clean Auto Tub Feature.

Technical Specifications:-


Why to Buy this Product ?

  • This top loading washer comes with 3-spring loaded Power Scrub Technology that creates superior agitations to help knock off hard dirt and offer thorough washing every time.
  • With its specially built prime movement and drum combination, its new spa wash system provides the ideal wash and 40 per cent less tangling. So that you get the best value in washing.
  • With a number of functional features such as express wash, water sensors , smart lint filter and detergent recommendation in this washing machine, washing clothes is made easy.
  • The 12-wash system and a spin speed of 740 rpm are planned to meet all your regular requirements.
  • The machine can also adapt the washing operations in hard water, keeping your clothes soft and colourful.
  • This Whirlpool machine comes with ZPF technology to fill tubes faster by 50 percent even when the pressure is as low as 0.017MPa.
  • The Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal machine is truly designed to delight with a warranty of 2 yrs on product and 5 yrs on motor.
  • This helps to reduce the wash-time with less soiled clothing, providing savings in resources and detergent.
  • Has just 3 simple buttons to make washing quick.
  • The new spa wash system provides the ideal wash and 40 per cent # less tangling with the specially crafted combination of prime movement and drum. It contains 50 per cent lower holes than an ordinary wash drum, resulting in cleaner washing and also reducing the amount of lint produced.
  • Tangling and energy saving ratings are the basis of experiments carried out in Whirlpool laboratories against different models.
  • Adapts the wash cycle to give you 20%* better cleaning.The intelligent hard water mechanism adapts the machine program for washing in hard water, giving improved washing performance.
  • The 3 unique nozzles ensure excellent cleaning and rinsing to your clothes, while saving up to 25%* of water.
    Wash Cycle –During the wash cycle, It’s 3 unique nozzles spray and re-circulate hot detergent water to give exceptional cleaning results.
    Rinse Cycle – These unique nozzles spray clean water at the time of rinse on your clothes to get rid of any detergent residue.


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